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Fibers and caring

Some people only knit or crochet with high end fibers. Which is amazing if you have the budget for it. I usually buy good expensive yarns if the project is for someone super special or if the client is willing to pay for the material plus the labour, which becomes pretty expensive as any project takes time and that equals to money/hr of labour. My all time favorite place to buy is Knit picks as it always have sales on good quality yarn. Now I have preference when it comes to non expensive fibers, those bought either at Michael’s or Walmart here in Canada, in cotton or bamboo base yarns.  Specially if they are for lil ones, as their skin is very delicate. Other personal fav is thread that family sends from Chile.  Most af them are cotton base and have a bit of viscose for flexibility.  Hyperallergenic and amazing to knit for babies and also for our all time favourite, shawls!  I always recomend to read the labels for caring, I usually wash my knits in the delicate cycle

Summer gardening

I garden because I love to feed my family pesticide free products, but also because that is the best way to remember my grandma from my dads’ side. Every spring she would come to the garden and either plant something or take care of all the fruit trees where we used to live.  She taught us (cousins and I) everything about caring for plants and soil. I also have my lil one that has the special touch to plant anything and it will grow.  If she find a seed and that day she wants to plant it, it will grow. Throughout the years I have discovered in my indoor  pots, growth of avocado, oranges, loquat & more. I currently take care of a loquat, orange and apricot tree that she planted and have survived for 3 seasons. That is huge as the climate here in Toronto does not cooperate to have those plants, but with faith and indoor environment when it gets too cold, here we are three years after, still thriving. This year our crops of tomatoes, zucchini and strawberries has been

...let's do this

I knit since always, Knitting, crocheting, macrame, weaving, it doesn't matter, throw at me anything, I will learn it.  The internet and social apps support a lot to learn or practice different crafts. I had two blogs before, I wrote about anything: life, crafts, baking/cooking, etc but  I became too busy with the kids and time was not on my side, so I decided to let them both go until now that life is less hectic.  So now I'm on to creating again and writing. Slowly I will let you know how I came to open a blog again and why. So without further ado, let's do this... en el  RITMO  de las agujas, se crea una música para el  ALMA Tejo desde que tengo uso de razón, tricot, crochet, macramé, telar, lo que sea, tirenmelo, que si no lo se, lo aprendo.  El internet y las redes sociales apoyan mucho para eso. Tuve dos blogs antes, donde mescle todo, la vida misma con las aficciones a las manualidades y la cocina.  Lo dejamos por falta de tiempo.  Sin ambargo cua