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Gelatine with evaporated milk - Bavoroise

One of the dessert that never fail in a birthday party, specially among kids is a dessert with gelatine. In Chile we have a very well known one called Bavoroise. Fluffy, light and very tasty. RECIPE  1 can of evaporated milk chilled 2 cups of gelatine, prepared as package instructions ( I usually make it with half of the water requested) 1 cup of heavy cream/whipped cream (optional) 1 cup of strawberries or any berry available (optional) Whip the evaporated cold milk with a kitchenaid mixer until it has double the amount, becoming very fluffy and thick.   Add whipped cream if you are adding this ingredient.   Once mixed and all becomes whipped and fluffier, add prepared gelatine, mixing well with a mixer.    With a wooden spoon or a spatula mix in the berries if you are adding this ingredients and set it in individual glass molds.   Let it rest in the fridge for al least 4 hrs but overnight is better. Garnish with berries or even mint leaves for a pretty display