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Have you ever been in a place where you have saved too much yarn scraps from other projects? I sure have. I have a blanket going on with just scraps from other projects but I still have a lot that needs to be used if not tossed away.  So my family does not feel overwhelmed with the clutter. So going on my Instagram feed I saw a few instagramers knitting a blanket with bits and pieces Click on image to see the profile This gave me an idea, why not a colorful shawl? Here more ways to DeStash - Pinterest My friend Carmen Tye is the queen of destashing, please visit her to see her ideas. LIMPIANDO RETAZOS... Alguna vez sentiste que estabas en un momento en que has guardado demasiados retazos de lana de otros proyectos?  Yo si Tengo una frazadita que voy tejiendo con ellos, voy en la mitad y aun así, siento que esas sobras se estan saliendo de control y tengo que usarlas o deshecerme de ellas. Y en ese pensamiento estaba cuando en Instagram en la secuencia de p

A is for apple

Fall comes abruptly here in Toronto every year.   The weather always changes without warning and many would think that after more than 30 years here I will be ready right after September but then again it’s I and even though I absolutely love the fall and every year I say next year I will be more ready, that time never comes. Always in the middle of shorts and t-shirts comes that breeze that tells me “Mar is time to take the fall/winter clothes collection”  One of our fav fall activities is apple and pumpkin picking, it is also the opportunity to take fall pictures as a family and use them for Christmas cards.  This year was not the exception. We try to choose a farm that we have not visited before so we can meet new people and places.  After picking, for sure comes apple & pumpkin pies.  Here is our recipe for apple pie - This year we did bite size apple pies.  Tanya, my second born, made them in a mini cupcake tray. RECIPE... Filling 4 large apples of your choice

OMG, that autocorrect

I have a whatsapp group of knitter friends that we communicate for many years now.  Some of us still knit but others stopped a while back.   One thing we have in common is that we support each other each and every day with regular daily life outside the screen. They are my biggest cheerleaders and we laugh at anything and everything. One of the many things that we laugh about all the time is the autocorrect on our phones that correct us the most funnies things when we write in a hurry.  Funny things like trying to write knitting and it writes knotting or sky to sly, food to fools etc. So on my part I enjoy every bit of the fun and do let my autocorrect correct me for other words,  sometimes more likely horror embarrassment. I still laugh with no considerations to anyone around me when I talk to them.  My kids often wonder why my friends are so funny, I actually do not explain that is not totally them but the autocorrect that makes our days much more fun and connected.