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Outside the comfort zone

Back to Blogger series Pink is not really my favorite cup of tea. Since my girls were little I never used pink to dress them, most likely they knew where my heart was and all three have favorite colors that are nothing like pink. Keke is a big fan of all shades of blue. PrincessT is fan of all purple shades, far away from pink. PrincessB is also a big fan of purple but she also is all about reds. So it was not an issue for me since the girls preferences were far away from this color. With the years and all the presents I have knitted, my choice for lil girls were always purples, oranges, reds, turquoises and terracottas.  Pink was always out of the question, never in my mind thought of knitting something in pink. A while back, a pattern writer asked me to test a pattern and two things happened, 1.- I had limited yarn supply and did not want to buy more until I finished what I had, unless it is for a very special project. 2.- I had to wear something pink to remember the fight