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Welcome 2020

I have been MIA for a while, enjoying everything that is outside of the cyber world, this was not to be forever but as a vacation to enjoy the holidays and of course the family that had time off from school and work. Starting this year I have modified a bit the blog to start afresh and also to give me motivation to create and tell you a bit more about it with a new atmosphere. Things that changed are: 1.- Blog theme 2.- Blogs I go to, to learn, to entertain & to discover. Also this year my word to live by came super late, just the weekend before New Year's,  •••embrace yourself••• •••this is an amazing challenging one••• FOCUS To be FOCUS is super challenging, I have so much to learn from this.  I have pride myself to be organize but now that this word came to challenge me, I see that there is so much to learn and improve. Things I want to accomplish... 1.- Involve myself a bit more with this new Volunteer job I started ( I have already finished all my studies for