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Christmas is here

I love Christmas.  It is part of my DNA, because of Christmas I am who I am. So many ways to celebrate, every single family that looks after this holiday has their own tradition, many involves presents and with that, let me give you a nice customized way of making your own personalized present to your love ones. At home we have a Silhouette Cameo for about 4 yeas now,  it is not new, we want to buy the Cricut Maker, that one is a beast, but for now we use what we have.  This machine cuts anything you want on paper, vinyl, light plastic and also writes anything you send from a computer with the right tools, which at home we have.  With the Silhouette we usually decorate the dinning wall for Thanksgiving/Fall & Christmas But you can also create all kinds of things, like a customized ornament.   This is my family ornament of last year that we brought back to our Christmas tree this year, They are not that hard to make, in my case, easy to cut but you c