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...I bet you are so busted on this one! A lot of people make resolutions at the beginning of the year in hopes to keep them and make a change for that year and on.  It is a bit sad to see those resolutions go to the garbage right after January or if you are a bit more committed in February. I personally choose to live by a word as I said back on this instagram post , but although I do not choose a resolution, I do try my very best to make a change on something. This year I wanted to do more of what I like in terms of knitting and crocheting, just to enjoy it and not really for commitment or because someone order something. Resoluciones/propositos... ... ¡Apuesto a que fallaste en esto! Mucha gente hace propósitos a principios de año con la esperanza de mantenerlos y hacer el cambio durante año.  Es un poco triste ver que esas resoluciones van al bote de basura justo después de enero o si estás un poco más comprometido, en febrero.   Personalmente, elijo vivir bajo una palabr

Not the winter blues

#Colours #Colores Researchers say that Feb is the month where the winter blues pay the yearly visit to make sure you remember that is very cold outside (North hemisphere) and that by now if you bought with a credit card your Christmas presents will be seeing the reality of your financial miss behave back in December. But not this gal!! I usually start buying my Christmas presents in May/June by cash or order online with the money upfront, so in February I have nothing to be regretting myself about.  Even when it comes to the weather I'm very content with the snow and the beautiful scenery. Colors are a nice way to brighten up the hues of winter for those that do not enjoy the grays, blues and dark.  You can change the pillows of the couch or a bright sheet on your bed.  You can always knit or crochet a nice blanket in a beautiful spring color to bring a smile to your face. No los blues de invierno Los investigadores dicen que febrero es el mes en el que los blues de inv