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Hello all, As stated on a previous post, I have been MIA because of healing and time.   But here I am back at it with the latest project! I love the word crescendo, means a sound that get louder by passing time, starts slowy and gets bigger by the second. This shawl is like that, starts small with the same stitch but as you progress goes bigger and bolder, making an statement when finished. This was done in 100% cotton.  For my sister’s friend mom that is battling ALS and spends a lot of time at the hospital.  Means a lot to her and I can say no to my lil sister, she is more my kid than my sister.  Hola a todos, Como dije en la publicación anterior, he estado DEA debido a la salud y el tiempo. Pero aquí estoy de vuelta con este último proyecto! Me encanta la palabra crescendo, significa un sonido que se hace más fuerte al pasar el tiempo, comienza lentamente y se hace más grande por segundo. Este chal es así, comienza pequeño con la misma puntada, pero a medida qu

Vintage knitting

Vintage knitting is always something we knitters enjoy.  Whether we buy patterns or see a piece on a television show and we want to copy it, we do our best to try to make it happen. A few years back I bought quite a few patterns with a vintage flair.  Most of them from Alana Dakos from Never not knitting .   I have all her e-books and also a few of her individual patterns.   Among those I have a magazine published in 2012 that she contributed - a vintage collection - Jane Austen Knits I personally love this edition, it is fill with knitting goodness that I don’t have time to knit but that I keep because I never loose hope of knitting one day.   There is a pattern that is called Pleated Neck Scarf that now you can also find in ravelry as an individual pattern that I hope to knit eventually.  Let’s hope for this year!! And now talking about vintage, how about all the patterns showed in the Outlander serie?! - have you seen them?!  I cannot watch an episode without stopping