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From nothing to amazing

Sewing is not my thing, although I’m not far from enjoining it by someone very special to me. Mom is a high end seamstress, she learned since tender age.   She was taught by only the best. She made all my wedding brademaids dresses, she also created my lil sister wedding gown, just to mention how awesome mom is. She has her own professional sewing machines, her sanctuary to create is a special room in the basement of her house where she lets loose her creativity. I usually do not request much from her but once in a while I want to gift someone with a special item that could be one of a king and no one else will have it. This year, my daughters and I wanted to create a beautiful table arrangement for a friend that is preparing to move out of her parents house to continued her journey to adulthood.  -  So I asked mom to make me a runner, some napkins and napkins holder - bought the material on a trip to our local fabric store and then mom did her wonders!  We took some pictures with our