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C - Chi Chi Chi Le Le Le

Viva Chile - (Hurray for Chile) This is the very well known scream and hurray we Chileans use to celebrate something important. | Este es el muy conocido grito y hurra que usamos los chilenos para celebrar algo importante. It has been great, seen my grandma that is close to 90 years old.  Enjoying her recipes that she has dictated to me step by step.  Her mind is in perfect condition but her body is showing all signs of age so I wanted to see her before my Lord takes her home with Him.  It has been very rewarding. Valparaíso is a beautiful city, so colonial.  Unfortunately my people has not care for it and its beauty.  Very forgotten and neglected. Viña on the other hand has move forward with progress and economic, everything is fast pase. I’m in awe of all the immigrants that are here.  People from all backgrounds, very diverse.  So now Chile is becoming a multicultural place, I just hope my fellow Chilean were more tolerant and compassionate towards them.  I know what it is to be in