Hat, a Fall/Winter affair

I want to apologize for the late post, supposedly I left it ready to load this morning, early but something went wrong and did not post - Quiero Disculparme por lo tarde de esta entrada, la programe para que saliera en la mañana, pero algo sucedio y no salio.
This post is part of the Back to Blogger incentive.  This month with the letter  H
I love hats, hats are my second favorite knitted accessory for Fall and specially for Winter.  They are so versatile and also you can make them with very little material.  Either in yarn or thread.
I started one that I love, because you can use bits of left over and get an amazing combination.
Sunset Hat on Ravelry
I have not finished mine but wanted to share cause I'm knitting it with this palette that lately yarn clubs sell by bits.

I also wanted to recommend a pattern by one of my close knitting friend, Romi Dame la Lata
This pattern is brand new and it is absolutely the most beautiful thing I have seen in a very long time.

Gelatine with evaporated milk - Bavoroise

One of the dessert that never fail in a birthday party, specially among kids is a dessert with gelatine.
In Chile we have a very well known one called Bavoroise. Fluffy, light and very tasty.
RECIPE  1 can of evaporated milk chilled 2 cups of gelatine, prepared as package instructions ( I usually make it with half of the water requested) 1 cup of heavy cream/whipped cream (optional) 1 cup of strawberries or any berry available (optional)
Whip the evaporated cold milk with a kitchenaid mixer until it has double the amount, becoming very fluffy and thick.   Add whipped cream if you are adding this ingredient.   Once mixed and all becomes whipped and fluffier, add prepared gelatine, mixing well with a mixer.    With a wooden spoon or a spatula mix in the berries if you are adding this ingredients and set it in individual glass molds.   Let it rest in the fridge for al least 4 hrs but overnight is better. Garnish with berries or even mint leaves for a pretty display. Enjoy it cold! 

Uno d…

FFFFFFFFFingerless Mitts

I always think that if I commit to something, I really need do my best to comply.  I know we do have life outside of this cyber world but I usually encourage my kids to follow true on their word.
But boy, this month was hard for me on our back to blogger challenge, because I had nothing, nada, niet, rien... 
I wanted to change things a bit, come out of my comfort zone and try something different, but not, here I am with my knitting.
So without further ado,
My fingerless mittens
This was made with 49 stitches, 24 stitches on each side,
one for the thumb with increases before and after that stitch, until desire size.

Siempre pienso que si me comprometo con algo, realmente necesito hacer todo lo posible para cumplir. Sé que tenemos vida fuera de este mundo cibernético, pero generalmente animo a mis hijos a que sean fiel a su palabra.

Pero wow, este mes fue difícil para mí el desafío de "back to blogger", porque no tenía nada, nothing, niet, rien ...
Quería cambiar un poco las …

Caring Sharing Tuesday - 001

I have decided to make Tuesdays the day of sharing.
Sharing something that I have seen or tried or I liked around the web.
Then you can also give me your own recommendations, maybe a recipe, a pattern, a page, etc.
He decidido hacer de los martes el día de compartir.
Compartir algo que he visto o probado o que me ha gustado en la web.
Entonces también puedes darme tus propias recomendaciones, tal vez una receta, un patrón, una página, etc.

How excited I am to recommend a knitted bag pattern that I proof for a dear friend that I think is so worth to share.  She wrote the pattern thinking of all her gypsy boho close friends that love to dress comfortable and carry a bag that can fit all the nicknacks we ladies carry around. 
Click the name to find the paid pattern, Entrelac Boho knitted Bag - by Carmen Tye
Estoy super emocionada de recomendar un patrón de bolso en ricot, que probé para una querida amiga. Ella escribió el patrón pensando en todas sus amigas gitanas, que adoran vestirse cómo…

the art of UNRAVELING

our conversation started with...
me: are you ok? you look a bit pale
firstborn: I feel I can't breath
me: why? are you stress?
 firstborn: I still can't come to terms seen you unraveling something you
           have worked so hard all these past evenings.  I have seen you doing this
           a hundred of times but it gives me anxiety just all the wasted work.

me: you are cute!, go make yourself a tea, maybe one for me too!

This conversation we have had a whole bunch of times with my firstborn, she finds it uncomfortable seeing me unraveling a project that I have knitted and do not like the result I'm getting.  I'm a bit of a control freak and perfectionist.  I cannot see errors on my knits, I rather unravel and start again.
I know lots of people would say "you can't even tell" but I know, I know it is there and it was not suppose to.  Or the shape is wrong, or the material is wrong, or the colour is not right.
My question is, is it only I or other knitters d…

The empowered Frida

Frida Kahlo was just fierce!

She wore clothes that were at the time for men
Refused to shave/wax her hair as the women of her time.
She wore lots of colours, specially on her head.
She was always exposing women's every day issues, like miscarriages, menstruation, sickness etc
She was bold for the era..
I decided to include myself on this month Posting Challenge number 115, hosted by El Ovillo de Eli

Anyone participating needed to post about something with Frida Kahlo and since what I do best is knitting and crocheting, I decided to create a head band out of flowers.   I created the knitted band that was going to be the base for the flowers in regular knit/purl stitch, with a piece of elastic to make it easier to put it on. This was a great idea for me, since I have lots of yarn leftover from other projects that I always keep around in case something needs just bits of material.
La empoderada FridaFrida Kahlo fue feroz! Ella llevaba ropa que era en ese momento para los hombres.
Se n…

Elephant - our E of the month

Did you know that...
 There are three different species of elephant – the African Savannah elephant, the African Forest elephant and the Asian elephant. Elephants are known for their large ears, tusks made of ivory and their trunks – which are actually a fusion of their nose and upper lip. But my Elephant  came from a pattern in Etsy named ELA.
I found her casually, I was looking for something to write about for July in our BacktoBlogger post and through my list of possibilities I found Elephant and started my search for something with them but after a whole day, I got nothing. So since the internet works with algorithms, my phone had the trace about elephants and my Instagram sent me a nice knitted picture of the above pattern and the rest is history.
I modified the dress a bit to have a little of lace, see below diagram in case you want to copy my idea.
I knitted mine in 100% cotton, "peaches & cream", used a left over thread from another project that I will show you so…